Helping protect your financial security


We are able to place most types of General Insurance, such as:

  • Property (Fire, Burglary, Money, Special Risks, etc)
  • Motor (including Fleet)
  • Public/Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Sickness & Accident

This list is by no means exhaustive and we welcome your enquiries on any type of General Insurance.

While we are not Life Insurance Brokers, we are able to refer your Life & Superannuation queries to an Authorised Representative of one of Australia's leading Life Insurers.

Specialist Covers

In addition to the above, we can also assist with traditionally "hard-to-place" risks, such as Liability for Amusement Operators, Child Care Centres, Go-Kart Tracks, Horse Riding, Mining Engineers and the like. We also provide a unique Thai translation service geared towards Thai restaurant owners. Full details are available here.


If you would like an indicative quote (no obligation) please download and complete the Business Package and/or Special Liability Insurance Questionnaire and email it to us (you can even post it, if you prefer).

Alternatively, you can fill one out online.

Under insurance

The value of full insurance cannot be over-emphasised. Official statistics show that, of those who do insure their property, some 43% of businesses, and 27% of households, are underinsured to varying degrees and may not receive a full settlement in the event of a claim.

One area frequently overlooked in this regard is Liability insurance, where claims have a nasty habit of cropping up some time in the future, then being settled even further down the track what seems a more than adequate limit now, may not be in several years' time (remember, it is the limit when the incident occurred that is applied, not the limit when the claim is settled).

Many businesses do not have any Business Interruption (commonly known as 'Loss of Profits') insurance; these companies will have great difficulty meeting their ongoing obligations following a major claim. Indeed, statistics reveal that many businesses never reopen following such an event.

Premium Payments

We are able to offer various alternative payment methods including:-

Monthly Premium funding contracts arranged by leading premium funding financiers (subject to interest charges & maximum 10 month contract term)

EFT deposits direct into our Insurance Broking Trust Account:

A/C# 20360539 - BSB: 122 747 (please quote your Client Reference Number or Surname)

Credit Card payments (Visa & MasterCard) subject to 2.0% surcharge.